1. Implementation of GB3836.1, GB3836.2 and GB3836.3, “Electrical equipment for explosive gas environment” (equivalent to IEC60079 and EN series standards); GB50017 Steel Design Specifications; CJ/T3076 “Technical Conditions for High Pole Lighting Facilities” and so on.

2. High bar protection rating: IP54

3. Lamp protection rating: IP66

4. Anticorrosion rating: WF1/WF2

5. Lighting for light source: integrated LED (COB)

6. Lamps applicable power: 80W to 200W

7. Rated operating voltage: 220V, 50Hz

8. Lamp height: H- 8 to 15 m (fixed); 15 to 20 m (lift type)

9. Luminaires are suitable for cable diameter: s9 to s12.5mm


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